Our Difference

We believe in becoming a long term, extended partner to your team, providing a wide range of services, support and compliance.

At H-Pro we differentiate our level of service through defined benchmarks. Our cleaners ensure service standards are in direct alignment with discussions held prior to commencement – this is unique within the industry. 

We are NOT your typical cleaning company. Control of bacteria and viruses through hygiene best practice is key to maintaining safe and sanitary environments. Our cleaners are industry trained in processes that ensure they do not transfer bacteria and viruses from one point or customer to another. All areas on your premises are expertly disinfected and decontaminated, in particular, bathrooms and kitchens – these high traffic spaces are breeding grounds for germs.

We offer childcare cleaning, medical centre cleaning services, dental clinic cleaning services and specialty cleaning services. There is no job too big or messy for our team at H-Pro. The cleaning industry may not be regulated, but we certainly are. 

Hygiene professionals (H-Pro), that’s us!

Why Choose Us?


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