Who We Help

We believe you deserve to work in a safe, hygienic and clean environment.

This is why we like to challenge the status quo by employing innovative hygiene procedures across all our sites. We can help disinfect a number of different workplaces, although most of our work is centred around places with high levels of common touch points with very high levels of daily traffic. Places like childcare centres, medical centres, and dental clinics are who we tend to the most. However, we will never shy away from any specialty cleaning jobs, so if your commercial business needs a thorough clean but you’re not considered one of our typical clients, give us a call today.

We use cleaning techniques such as aqueous ozone to clean soft surfaces including seating, carpets, curtains and soft furnishings. Our disinfectant fumigation method is used to create and disperse a germicide aerosol to reduce the number of airborne micro-organisms and apply to surfaces that may be difficult to reach. Disinfectant fumigation allows areas containing both hard and soft surfaces to benefit. There is no job too big or messy for our team at H-Pro.

At H-Pro we provide our high-quality cleaning services to a number of facilities. We specialise in childcare centres, medical centres, dental clinics as well as specialty services.


Looking for a dedicated cleaner for your centre? Contact our friendly team today for a free quote!