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A Message From H-Pro ...

As you read through our website, you will get a sense that you are not dealing with a typical cleaning company. What will be apparent is our commitment to the control of dirt, bacteria and viruses through hygiene best practice in the Early Learning sector.

H-Pro only clean Childcare Centres and we do this extremely well, our success lies with our team of highly trained and dedicated employees. 


Ask yourself ...

Am I dealing with an industry trained cleaning company who  speacialise only in Early Learning Centres?

We Offer


We differentiate our level of service through defined benchmarks, our cleaners ensure service standards are in direct alignment with discussions held prior to commencement.


Early Learning

H-Pro are a specialised cleaning company who deal solely with Early Learning Centres, we intelligently keep pace with innovations and research. Our cleaning protects your children, staff and families, while protecting your brand.


Infection Control

H-Pro infection control cleaning service to date has a 100% success rate. So, if your Centre has an outbreak of Gastroenteritis, Hand Foot and Mouth, or exposure to Covid 19, we will assist.


Floor Services

Early Learning Centre floors are an integral part of learning and development in young children. The multipurpose floor space balances foot traffic along with learning environments.

H-Pro uses floor cleaning technologies in each playroom to control the spread of dirt, bacteria and viruses

When the health and protection of children and staff are at stake, can you afford to get it wrong?

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