Infection Control

Infection Clean Technology When Outbreaks Occur

Every Early Learning Centre, every day has one common element, foot traffic, yes, your families every day undermine even the most stringent hygiene cleaning practices. While each Centre is different the type of outbreaks remain consistent.

H-Pro infection control cleaning service to date has a 100% success rate. So, if your Centre has an outbreak of Gastroenteritis, Hand Foot and Mouth, or exposure to Covid 19, we will assist.

When treating your Early Learning Centre for outbreak’s, we use and trust Electrostatic technology in combination with TGA approved chemicals specific to the outbreak. Viraclean and Nanocyn do not carry hazardous or warning labels, and are used globally Hospitals, Aircraft, Schools and Early Learning.

Why H-pro Only Use Electrostatic Technologies

We’ve Partnered With Victory Innovations To Kill & Eliminate Viruses In Your Centre

Victory sprayers add a positive electrostatic charge, the positively charged particles repel each other like magnets, resulting in a more even, far-reaching application. Additionally, because most surfaces have a negative or neutral charge, they attract the positively charged particles. This creates 360 degree wrapping, covering hard-to-reach surfaces.

Viraclean and Nanocyn have TGA approval to kill Covid-19, Gastroenteritis and Hand Foot and Mouth.

Infection Control
Infection Control
When outbreaks occur, and they will, H-PRO has a 100% success rate.


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