H-Protect Advantage

How to Finally Beat Virus Outbreaks with 30-Day Virus Protection That Works!

What does a virus-free Childcare Centre look like?

Maybe it’s a Centre that is fully staffed, or perhaps families are reassured of your brand. Maybe just eradicating the inference that your Centre is responsible for every illness their child gets is enough.

Okay, back to reality, but this dream of reducing viruses in your Centre is not hard to achieve, in fact, our current H-Protect clients will tell you exactly that.

How you may ask is this possible, well, every month electrostatic technology is being used in Childcare Centres across Australia to deliver a powerful spray of a non-hazardous chemical, that provides a bonded layer of 30-day virus and bacteria surface protection.

So regardless of the virus or bacteria making your Centre home, the results are the same, survival rate zero.  Don’t take our word for it, the Australian Government TGA assures that after stringent testing in real-world conditions where surfaces were cleaned and wiped regularly throughout the 30-day period, the surface protection still retained its efficacy.

Now, that should be a dream worth considering, and lucky for you H-Pro have put together an incredible package for ACA members with spectacular savings. Sounds expensive, actually no, $57.00 per week gets the job done.

Exclusive ACA 50% OFF Member Offer

 Limited to 50 Per State

In conjunction with the ACA we have put together an amazing HPROTECT package for members with a spectacular 50% off savings.

We suggest you get in quick as this offer is strictly limited to the first 50 members in each state. 

H-Protect Advantage

Pay $57 Per Week and Never Worry About a Virus Outbreak Again

H-PROTECT System Inclusions. An incredible 50% off our recommended retail price for ACA members. 

  • A Big Green  Electrostatic Gun is installed into your Centre for YOUR exclusive use, remains for duration of the payment period
  •  5 Litre Non hazardous solution supplied monthly which covers even the biggest of sites and no PPE required
  • H-PROtect certificate which is editable for each month, which you can print and display
  • WINDOW DECAL – Indicates that your Centre is protected by H-PROtect 30 DAY PROTECTION
  • Letter template for families introducing the service and the differences H-Pro will make to the Centre and the steps taken to limit bacteria and viruses on a daily basis.
  • Information brochures for families
  • SDS Provided
  • TGA Certification documents
  • One off training and setup


Let’s start at the beginning!

Our H-PROtect system involves two major parts, the first is a TGA approved non hazardous child friendly chemical, that is sprayed onto all hard and soft surfaces, remaining  on the surface for 30 days killing bacteria and viruses. 

It is about now you are wondering what happens when you clean, does it remove the coating? The good news is NO, despite your regular wiping regime it will not destroy the integrity of the coating. 

What can you spray? 

Everything except the children, the good news is that we can spray hard and soft surfaces, and as we all know what a challenge it is to clean soft surfaces, let alone find a way to provide a germ barrier. 

How we spray, The second part involves how we deliver the coating to all surfaces in your Centre to properly create a protective barrier. There is only one application method that is approved to perform this critical job. 

This solution is worth exploring!

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What is Electrostatic Technology?

If you visited us at the ACA conference you would have seen our big green guns, these are of course our Electrostatic Sprayers designed to deliver a positively charged spray, and because most surfaces have a negative or neutral charge they attract the positively charged particles creating a 360 degree wrap, covering hard to reach surfaces

H-Protect Advantage

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