Aqueous Ozone – Every Clean

Aqueous Ozone Used In Every Clean

H-Pro uses Aqueous Ozone in our Early Learning Centres t0 kill 99.999% of viruses and bacteria, while considering the cleaning impact on the children that attend the centres.

The decision to use Aqueous Ozone against traditional disinfectants is simple; Regular disinfectants only work on hard, non porous surfaces and can’t be used on carpets, upholstery, soft toys and other porous surfaces where viruses and bacteria still thrive.

Why H-Pro use Aqueous Ozone

Aqueous ozone is a potent NON TOXIC antimicrobial cleaner and sanitiser, with a wide variety of applications. It is used for sanitisation of hard non-porous surfaces and food contact surfaces, this provides a safer system, protecting children in your Early Learning Centre.

What Is Aqueous Ozone

Tap water from the bottle reservoir is sent into a chamber, the water then passes through a solid diamond electrode and encounters a direct electrical current. This causes an electrochemical reaction to split some of the water molecules, creating ozone directly from water. The water now has freshly-created Aqueous Ozone.

How Does Aqueous Ozone Work

Ozone is a potent oxidizing agent, meaning it can break strong chemical bonds. Ozone works against microbes in one of two ways.

Firstly, it reacts with cell membranes, disrupting the structural integrity and leading to cell lysis. In cell lysis, a cell cannot contain its components within its membrane, so its components leak or explode out from the cell, killing it.

Alternately, ozone can react with nucleic acids, disrupting their structure and preventing cell proliferation.

Aqueous Ozone - Every Clean
Cleaning Standards That Achieve Up To 30 Times Greater Virus And Bacteria Protection Against Standard Cleaning


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