About Us

A Specialist Childcare Cleaning Company

H-Pro is a specialised cleaning company that deals solely with Early Learning Centres, we intelligently keep pace with innovations and research. Our detailed hygiene cleaning protects your children staff, and families, while protecting your brand.

Every day our employees are in Early Learning Centres across Queensland limiting the spread of viruses, particularly Gastro, Hand Foot and Mouth, through specialised and stringent cleaning processes.

Our employees are trained in cleaning practices that inhibit transfer and cross contamination between rooms. This is our baseline standard of cleaning practice you can expect every clean.

Cleaning is not a new industry, in fact cleaners have been around for centuries, in an age where technological advancements are fast paced, the cleaning industry has been slow to change.

We find in most Early Learning settings the reason for poor cleaning, and cross contamination of bacteria and viruses are simply the cause of bad cleaning techniques.

H-Pro cleaners change the way Early Learning Centres are cleaned, sanitised and disinfected.

Our Values

H-PRO Cleaners are Industry Leaders in Early Learning Centre Cleaning


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