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We're cleaning professionals who know the ins and outs of making your Centre's clean, hygienic and bacteria free. We're not just cleaners; we're partners in your mission to create a clean and happy space for the little munchkins to thrive!

Hygienic and Virus-Free Environment

With our ground-breaking cleaning techniques and virus-busting know-how, we'll transform your childcare centre into a fortress of hygiene. Wave goodbye to pesky germs and say hello to a worry-free environment where little explorers can discover the world.

We Clean Over 160,000m2 Each Week

Whoa, that's a whole lot of virus-free hygienic centres made spotless every single week! You can trust that our experience is unparalleled. Let us handle the cleaning like the seasoned pros that we are!

Childcare cleaning everything you should know to increase the effectiveness of routine cleaning in your Centre

Because we spend all of our time cleaning Early Learning Centre’s we’ve developed an understanding of children’s behavior, where the dirt can be found and how this has a direct correlation in age group rooms, and what cleaning practices are required to clean thoroughly. Children are more vulnerable to bacteria and viruses, so cleaning their physical environment is essential.

Consider the four fundamentals of children’s behaviour that affect the cleaning outcomes in childcare.

  1. Spend their days in groups, in proximity, personal space for most is not an issue.
  2. They touch surfaces more often than adults and older children, and put their fingers more regularly in their mouth, nose, and eyes.
  3. Have poor personal hygiene, they cough, sneeze, mouth and drool on each other and toys.
  4. Children don’t necessarily wash their hands as often as they should.

Of course, all these behaviours are perfectly normal in infants and children, and this all happens in your childcare Centre which is specifically designed and dedicated to their education and wellbeing. Only a specialist childcare cleaner understands that this is where the cleaning fun starts. This is why dirt, waste, viruses, and bacteria appear to live and thrive in the oddest of places and can be missed by general cleaners.

Does having commercial cleaners in a Childcare Centre work?

Yes, and for good reasons, perhaps we can start with the obvious one. Your Educators already have an important job to do, and as we know children demand almost all our attention, and of course parents expect their children to experience quality learning time with your staff.

The honest feedback we receive from Directors is the bite back from their staff when they incorporate cleaning into their job description. Now of course we all know that every day the playrooms and bathrooms require routine cleaning and tidying, however when it comes to the big cleaning jobs like skirting boards, door tracks, cobwebs and well you know the list goes on and on they simply say they already have an important job to do.

When staff put cleaning as a secondary role, it becomes less important and they don’t find the time, worse still they do not consider it their job. If this sounds familiar then you’re in the right place, we understand the effectiveness’ of routine childcare cleaning, we can decrease the dissatisfaction rates of your staff, and this is why we are the first choice for your stand-alone Centre or your group.

Proof that commercial cleaners can make the difference you are looking for.

What are the benefits of using specialist commercial cleaners in Childcare?

Our employees are specialist childcare cleaners, we know this because they have been extensively trained and subsequently graduated from our H-Pro Training and Development Academy.  So, for our employees to enter your Centre they must be proficient in.

  • Cross contamination procedures to limit the spread of viruses and bacteria.
  • Hygiene best practice
  • Cleaning techniques that are specific to age group rooms
  • Adhere to routine cleaning tasks.
  • Efficiency
  • Workplace Health and Safety

But we do have one extra big advantage; we sneak in later in the day when your Centre is empty and quiet, this is where the magic happens away from the distraction of children, parents, and competing priorities.

Brisbane Childcare Cleaning

Routine cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting MUST be performed by an experienced cleaning company who specialise only in Early Learning Centres.


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