Floor Services Matter

Surfaces Matter - That's where viruses live

Early Learning Centre floors are an integral part of learning and development in young children. The multipurpose floor space balances foot traffic along with learning environments.

H-Pro uses floor cleaning technologies in each playroom to control the spread of dirt, bacteria and viruses.

Why we only choose mechanical mopping for your Early Learning Centre

Mechanical mopping is always the first choice for H-Pro cleaners and the reason is simple.

Imops uses brushes to penetrate flooring grooves providing a deeper clean than cannot be achieved with string mops and micro-fibre pads.  Most importantly clean water is dispersed from one tank, and the dirty water is then vacuumed and stored separately. This ensures, bacteria-ridden water is not slopped over the floor or shared between areas. 

Floor Strip & Seals

Well maintained floors in Early Learning Centres play a role in the effectiveness of cleaning and hygiene control. 

H-Pro can assist with floor strip and seals on a periodic basis.

Floor Services Matter
Old and worn floors are a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses Ensure your floors are periodically maintained to restore the surface


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