Why Cleaners Don’t Clean

Do your cleaners protect or expose your Centre to harmful bacteria and viruses?

Cleaning is not a new industry, in fact, cleaners have been around for centuries, oddly in an age where technological advancements are fast paced, the cleaning industry has been slow to change.

We find in most Early Learning settings the reason for poor cleaning, and cross contamination of bacteria and viruses is simply the cause of bad cleaning techniques and attitudes.

  • Most cleaners to date still rely on the same decade old cleaning techniques.
  • They are not trained in preventative cleaning or worse still lack basic cleaning knowledge.
  • Limited or zero research on innovative cleaning methods and equipment.
  • They were a bargain.

Like most Centre’s we visit, we find that the cheapest quote was often code for inexperience and limited time cleaning.

If a cleaning company charge less than the leading competitor, then most likely they will cut time to make a profit, leaving your Centre in a worse off position.

Many cleaners operating in Early Learning Centre’s, are franchisee cleaners, who bought themselves a job, and have very little to no commercial cleaning experience.

The lack of experience, innovation, training and cutting time cleaning centres results in BAD CLEANING.

Fortunately for your Centre, H-Pro cleaners are employed to do the best job, with the right training, equipment and time.

So how clean really is your Centre!


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