How We Help

A Specialist Childcare Cleaning Company

Every day our cleaning teams are in Early Learning Centres across Queensland limiting the spread of diseases particularly Gastro, and Hand Foot and Mouth through specialised and stringent cleaning processes. 

Our employees are trained in cleaning practices that inhibit transfer and cross-contamination between rooms. This is our baseline standard of our cleaning practice that you can expect every clean.

In fact, each day H-Pro cleans tens of thousands of square meters of Early Learning Centres. So you could say that we are confident about our capabilities! While each Centre is different, the unparalleled and professional cleaning results that contribute to creating a hygienic and virus-free environment remain consistent.

How We Help

Our Practices And Procedures Eliminate Viruses And Bacteria In Your Centre

We are NOT your typical cleaning company. Control of bacteria and viruses through hygiene best practice is key to maintaining safe and sanitary environments.

Our cleaners are industry trained in processes that ensure they do not transfer bacteria and viruses from one point or from one Centre to another.

The cleaning industry may not be regulated.. but we certainly are!


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Our Process

Establish a cleaning baseline

Establish a cleaning baseline – Hygiene procedures beyond this point require clean surfaces to maintain effectiveness.

Our standard baseline clean includes mechanical mopping using an IMOP, vacuuming, bathroom cleaning, surface cleaning and damp dusting.

Deliver an additional layer of protection

Deliver an additional layer of protection – This stage is irrevocably dependent on the use of Aqueous Ozone to replace surface disinfectant. Aqueous Ozone ensures complete hygienic coverage across all hard and soft surfaces.

Infection control when you need it

Infection Control is completely tailored to your site and the outbreaks that you are dealing with, at H-Pro we only use the following products.

An Infection clean is used to treat all viruses and bacteria, including  Gastroenteritis, Hand Foot and Mouth. Covid-19 and is delivered through Electrostatic technology which provides 360 degree wrap on all surfaces.