The Case For Low Level – Concentrated Cleaning

Understanding Children's anatomic makeup - the case for low level - concentrated cleaning

A child physically is different from adults, their little bodies, including organs are still developing and do not have the capacity to get rid of harmful toxins or deal with the effects of bacteria and viruses in their system left behind by untrained cleaners.

H-Pro understands a childs anatomical makeup and delivers sound cleaning systems to the areas children occupy. Typically these environments are closest to ground level and cleaning requires a solid knowledge of what children are doing in their environment.

  • Children breathe 4 to 6 times more air than adults, the air they breathe is closer to the ground where pollutants in the air are concentrated.
  • Children have more skin contact with the floor due to size and behavior, and potentially absorb through the skin more pollutants concentrated on the floor.
  • Children consume more dirt and dust as a result of hand to mouth habits, dust may contain bacteria and chemical residue.
  • Removing dust and irritants during regular cleaning assists in reducing the risk of Asthma attacks in susceptible children.

Certain age groups in Early Learning Centres have differing contact and time periods spent on the floor. Consideration to these low level environments is a key indicator of the zones that will require a higher concentration of hygiene cleaning.

The Case For Low Level - Concentrated Cleaning

0-60cm ground clearance, an area predominantly occupied by babies through to toddlers, who spend very high periods of time on the floor. While most cleaning companies spot vacuum and spot mop these areas as standard practice. H-Pro cleaners will undertake a critical clean, concentrating on floors. H-Pro vacuum and mop every square inch, using a range of specific equipment, and chemicals for this purpose. Hygiene protection of low level furnishing using Aqueous Ozone is required to prevent spread of bacteria and viruses.

60-100cm ground clearance, occupied by a mobile group of 2-3 year old’s with high potential to spread bacteria and viruses to low level furniture and soft furnishings due to their age, and behavior. Again this area requires specialised floor cleaning, along with disinfection to low level furniture and soft furnishings to prevent spread of viruses.

100-180cm ground clearance, generally occupied by 4-5 year old’s with a love for sand and glitter, while this group still spread bacteria and viruses, they spend low to moderate periods of time on the floor. Hygiene cleaning is performed in all general areas.

Use dedicated Early Learning Cleaners NOT Office Cleaners


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